Cassava's Story

The story of the indigenous cassava bread:
The primary crop cultivated by the Taino Indians was yuca/cassava.  It was planted in the conucos (a small plot of cultivated land) using a coa (a kind of hoe made completely out of wood).  From the yuca/cassava the Tainos made the baked cassava flatbread, which became a main part of their diet.  When Christopher Columbus and his Spaniard team first arrived to the Hispaniola Island (Dominican Republic and Haiti) in 1492, they found that cassava bread had advantages over their traditional European bread, in that it does not go stale or moldy.  For this reason, the Spaniards took this durable cassava flatbread to other parts of the continent as they continued their conquest of America.


"Cassava bread, the indigenous heritage from the Tainos"

Party tray with Cassava Bread

Yuca Plant
Cassava Root is processed until is a soft coarse meal
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