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Cassava Flatbread, 11.7oz

1 Unit
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2 Units
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3 Units
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10 Units
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Best value $6.99 each

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Shipping cost is included in all USA; except for Alaska and Hawaii, where an additional shipping fee will be added.

If you have any special orders or you are concerned about specific delivery days… please email, call us, or you can note it in the order box provided.   If you call us and we are unavailable, please leave a message and we will return your call that day.  We are located in the West Cost, Pacific Time. Packages are sent through USPS priority mail except for the 11.7 oz. – 10 packs and the 3 oz. – 30 packs those will be shipped through UPS or FedEx.

Party tray with Cassava Bread

Yuca Plant
Cassava Root is processed until is a soft coarse meal
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